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The most amazing holiday season. part 1 (MF)💦💦

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

I am writing this on the 3rd of January, so you are probably wondering why I would write a Christmas/ holiday story that late. The reason for that is, I just returned from the cabin I was spending my holidays in with a big part of my family. That also involves my brother's best friend as he is pretty much family at this point. Why did I bring him up? Well because my brother's best friend is the person I think about while I masturbate. He is the type of boy I would spend every night with just banging each other’s heads out if I had the chance, but I had never gotten the chance until this holiday.

We were in a little cabin in the woods the whole family wanted to go skiing for this festive season, so we did. We spent most of our days outside making campfires building snowmen and all the time I found myself staring at his dark ashy hair and blue eyes. I could tell he was well-built probably hiding some abs under that ugly Christmas sweater that I would like to tear off his body. We also did a lot of skiing, and this is pretty much where it all started. I had never been skiing before, so I was prepared to not be able to keep up with the others. To my surprise, my brother's best friend who by the way is called Max decided to stay behind and teach me. Trust me when I say that I have never been that happy before, and we did enjoy our time together, laughing a lot, falling into the snow, teasing each other, and with time a type of sexual tension started to form between us. We decided to head into the cabin eventually to warm up and drink some hot chocolate, once inside we noticed we were the only ones that had returned not that we didn’t mind that. While max was heating up the milk I decided to go for a shower I was freezing all over due to the cold snow and weather, stepping into the hot shower surely was a relief. Soaping up my body with my cherry blossom shower gel and humming slightly, my back turned to the door as I was running my head under the shower to rinse out the shampoo. Until I suddenly felt a pair of hands around me and another body getting pressed against mine. I would have screamed if I hadn’t heard his voice, max voice.

blonde nympho taking a shower

“Hey…I decided to join you, I hope you don’t mind” he whispered, and I couldn’t help but blush.

“N…no” I managed to answer suddenly rather shy as I felt his hands on my hips slowly moving over to cup my ass cheeks, but only for a brief second as they moved back to explore my curves running his hands along the side of my body.

“Do you want me to scrub your back?”

He offered, and I could tell where this was going so, I just nodded. He leaned past me and got my body wash and squeezed some onto his hand before he started running his coated hands over my back and even gave me a slight massage, but I understood that this wasn’t going to be some innocent family showering. No, his hands started moving down to me but massaging my ass cheeks in a rather hard motion, I started diving into the sensation he was giving me, and soon wasn’t more than a little doll, he could do everything he wanted with me. The day I had been waiting for had finally arrived, and all my fantasies unfolded in front of me. I was ready for this I wanted this more than anything.

He moved on his hands now moving to the front and found my chest leaning more into me I could feel his hard dick now squeezed up between us, I totally understood his feeling, if I would have a dick, I would be rock hard by now, but instead I was dripping wet. I wiggled my ass slightly pushing it against the hard member and I could hear him give a small sight before he pulled away for a slight moment, but before I could miss his touch, he was back again squeezing my boobs while his dick now was rubbing between my legs. I glanced down and could see his tip between my tights. It was already dripping as my juices started flowing onto his dick, I knew it was already wet, so why wait. Leaning back, I looked at him my back was on his chest and as he was taller, I could look up at him.

“Do it”

I said in a whispering voice. A teasing but longing tone left my throat as

I said those little two words, it was enough to make his member throb and I could feel it harden more. He leaned down and kissed me deeply and I kissed back while he pushed his waist back and I could feel his dick leave from in between my tights. As he fully pulled away, I leaned forward slightly and spread my cheeks to make it easier for him. Looking back, he seemed to enjoy the sight of my spread hole in Infront of him and got closer gently kissing my pussy with the tip of his dick, and then started to push inside making me moan slightly as I tried to adjust to his length. Once he was fully inside me I leaned back again and another kiss was shared as he started pounding into my tight pussy. It was amazing he was hitting the right spots while one hand moved down and started playing with my clit. I could tell that Max was skilled and I surely wasn’t his first one, but he wasn’t mine either, after all, I had been practicing for this day. The day I would finally have sex with the most handsome guy I know. We started speeding up and I could feel him throbbing inside of me placing my one hand on my lower stomach almost as if I could feel him through it, I was getting closer and closer, ready to take all his juices inside of me we pulled away from the kiss and moaned into each other’s ears.

“Fuck. Please cum inside me show me how much you want this”

I begged and with a lust full grunt, his member started throbbing more and more as his fingers speed up rubbing my clit. I couldn’t hold back anymore leaning fully onto him I let him trust a few more times before I started Cumming, my juices dripping out of me when I felt his hot liquid getting pushed deep inside me and him giving satisfying moaning grunts. We took a moment to calm down before he pulled his now soft dick out of me and kissed some more before we both cleaned up and headed to the Livingroom.

Our family still wasn’t there, and I was sure we still would have a lot of time left before they would return, so we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and cuddled up on the sofa watching Christmas movies.

But if you thought it was over here. No, you are wrong, new years was still around the corner and there is no way I won’t get a new Year's kiss this year. On top of that, I wasn't going to give in with just a one-time thing as I had waited for this for several years. By the looks of it, he was probably feeling the same as a hard one was showing and bulging his pants while I ran my hand over his legs. This was going to be fun.


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