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The Most amazing Holiday Season Part 2. (MF)

Christmas day came and passed quickly. Max and me using every second we had to get together, kissing in the night while my family was asleep, out in the woods while skiing, and in the shower when we came back home. And now it was new years eve. About 30 minutes left till it was midnight. We were all outside sitting around a campfire, some music was on in the background. We danced, talked enjoyed some amazing food, and just enjoyed our time. Max and I were in the meantime always looking at each other, we couldn’t keep our hands away whenever we were close so there were some subtle touches here and there.

The time passed on faster and faster, and I excused myself to go to the bathroom because I wasn’t “feeling well” after I said that I made sure to have eye contact with max who seemed who had gotten my way of thinking. Shortly after he excused himself as well saying that he would go check on me, of course, he got some comments from my brother but those got straight up ignored. The knock on the bathroom door was my signal and I opened it. Standing there in only a nice red Christmassy bra with matching panties and he smiled before quickly entering and locking the door behind him.

“We got 15 minutes,” he said before pressing his lips against mine roughly and our tongues found each other, tasing each other like the many times this vacation. 15 minutes wasn’t much time, so we made sure to use it effectively. I Turned around and arms leaning on the sink as I looked at myself in the mirror my ass pushed out for easy access. I could hear max unzipping his pants before I felt his wet tip on my pussy lips carefully pushing its way through until he fully disappeared into my hole, I had to bite my lip so that I wouldn’t moan out loudly. He didn’t give me a second to get used to his grit before he started pushing out and back in in a rough motion all the while I just left gasps and small sights, I couldn’t let my family find out that I was fucking my brother’s best friend in the bathroom, the friend I have known since I was three who is basically a part of the family. That person was deep inside my pussy now rearranging my guts.

I looked up into the mirror and I could see him looking at me, his hands holding my hips tightly to be able to trust deeper, not that he needed it, he was already as deep as he could. We made eye contact through the mirror, and he smiled before going faster. I couldn’t help it anymore and small moans started to leave my throat. When he then leaned forward and started playing with my nipples it was game over, his dick had reached my brain or something and I didn’t care anymore, my moans grew louder and louder until one of his hands covered my mouth but continued trusting. My breath was speeding up as an amazing impulse rushed over me and before I could warn him my body was shaking and I was getting an orgasm right there. He continued to fuck my pussy until we heard another knock, and we stopped out of shock and surprise.

“Is everything alright in there?” it was my mother. Apparently, we have been away for a little as she announced that it was only 7 minutes till midnight. On the other hand, I was having struggles to talk as I still was coming down from my orgasm and max was still inside me, rock hard and now slowly trusting his hips.

couple in bathroom having sex, white dress shirt, black pants, skirt, high heels

“I. Yeah everything is fine I just….hnn” a moan left me as Max rubbed my sensitive clit. That bastard.

“She is fine, probably just had a little too much to drink or eat don’t worry I will take care of her, just use the guest toilet in the meantime” Max explained, and I was surprised at how natural he sounded while he still was using my pussy as his personal glory hole. But my mom was happy with the answer wished me all well and left. Max took the moment of my confusion and pulled out his dick, with a skilled motion he turned me around, lifted me up, and sat me on the edge of the sink drawer before pushing his dick inside me again, this time facing me. We made eye contact for a moment before he started fucking me roughly again. My insides were still sensitive giving me to much pleasure to handle, in an attempt not to moan anymore I pushed our lips together while holding onto his shoulders. Pushing my tongue into his mouth while he molested my deep tight insides.

“You feel amazing” he mentioned before going faster “I forgot to put on a condom, I will pull out when I cum” he added. At that moment not even, I know what I was thinking about, but I didn’t want him to pull out, hell I wanted to stay like this forever “no. cum inside me, hell impregnate me if you must just fuck me and make me orgasm again”

I moaned in desperation and I could feel him become harder making me gasp out followed by a big moan. “Shit so hot,” he said in a husky voice as a small grunt of pleasure filled the room adding to mine. My insides were pulsating and trembling almost as if they were milking him. My juices were dripping out, I could tell by the sound of wetness and the feeling between my legs as his dick pulled out just to push inside me again even faster matching his growing groans. There it was the twitching in his veins, I could feel it inside of me. Then he came, I felt his hot liquids hit my cervix and insides and my own body started spasming again, pleasure, tingles, lust orgasm all that rushed through my body, and I didn’t want this feeling to ever end. As it did eventually end, I lay my head on his shoulder and could hear dripping. We both could hear it. Thinking it was his dripping out of me we looked down, well we weren’t wrong that his seeds were dripping out of me after he had pulled out, but we just now also realized that there was a big puddle around us.

“I guess that’s my mess” I answered and looked up at him, he had the proudest grin you could ever imagine. I couldn’t help but chuckle and ruffle his hair playfully before we hurried to clean everything up and get dressed again before going outside just to hear my family chanting the countdown “3…2…1…happy new year!”

Without thinking I turned around to Max who had also been chanting and we looked at each other for just a brief second before we both leaned in and kissed. Right there in front of my family. My family looked at each other smiling, my brother rolled his eyes. It wasn’t until my mother spoke that we pulled away.

“So, you two are together now?” she asked, and I blushed looking up at Max who had a determined look on his face.

“Yes…that means if you want to?” he said and looked down at me and I just simply nodded with the happiest expression a girl could have.

“That’s amazing! So happy for the two of your congratulations…then I hope you cleaned up your mess after you two”

My mother said calmly and now both max and I blushed while nodding, she totally knew what we did in there.


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