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First Experience With a Sex Toy and My Best Friend is Helping Me. Part 3

Updated: Feb 11

Kyla pressed a button located on the small bullet vibrator and as expected the small toy started vibrating, it was barely audible but still, you could see a small shake from Kyla’s fingers due to the vibration. I took a deep breath, relaxing into the by-now warm covers of my best friend’s bed. My head turned to the side as I took in the scent, it smelled like perfume, like sleep, like her and like me, but also like sex. The heavy sex scent had laid itself tightly around us, if someone would come in right now there wouldn’t be a doubt about what we are doing if the person only just smelled the air.

lesbians in embrace wearing black g-strings
Clari Massimiliano/

Kyla used the moment of my relaxation and my head is turned away to press the cold silicone onto my exposed collarbone, I gasped the vibrations tightening up my throat making my breath speed up until she moved the vibrator further down, tracing the hickeys and bite marks that she had given me before. Collarbone, chest further down between my boobs down to my navel surrounding it, and then moving back up again. The vibrator started to move around my chest circling my 38B cups. The sensation was intense, it was a slight tickle but as the vibration made my boobs jiggle slightly there came a lot of pleasure out of it, it got even better as the vibrator was put on my nipples. Playing with them, putting intense sensation on the sensitive already puffy knobs. The coldness of the silicone only added to that pleasure and within seconds I was moaning again. Griping onto the bedcovers as I tried to control my body, then the vibrator moved to my other nipple doing the same there driving me crazy, my nipples were so sensitive, and the burning of cold material against hot skin made me wet again, I am sure if I would have looked, I would have seen my pussy dripping with juices by now. But I was too focused on what Kyla was doing to me, my best friend had just made me cum twice and I was losing my mind, surely, she would get payback for that, but not today. Today was all about me.

Justin, the name of my new vibrator moved down again, this time on the outer line of my body sliding along my curvy hourglass figure, down on the side of my legs rounding on my feet, and then up the inside of my legs. It was an intense tickling that I felt but also excitement, if that little vibration felt like this on my skin and non-erogenous parts how amazing would it feel on my dripping pussy and my little clit. As soon as Justin got close to my wet hole it made a turn and started to tickle and massage the inside of the leg on the other side, every time it switched sides the vibration would barely touch my outer pussy lips leaving me to whine ever so slightly. Frustration was building up as I looked down and into Kyla’s eyes

“Please. I can’t take it anymore. I want to feel it.”

I begged, begged to finally feel the sensation of my birthday present.

“Hmm, do you think you are ready to handle it?” Kyla asked with a smirk as she slowly moved Justin toward my pussy.

“Yes, fuck yes. I want it. Please make me cum, make me gasp and whine, make my mind go blank”

I whined. I couldn’t take it anymore if this would continue, I would lose my mind for sure.

“As you wish” she whispered and moved to fully lay between my legs again I closed my eyes. My focus was on the little green vibrator that was traveling up my legs and on its way to my trembling pussy. There it was, I could feel it first slightly then more and more. I gasped as the vibrator hit my outer pussy lips, sending shivers down my spine, this was a totally different feeling than a tongue or fingers. It was gentle but at the same time so powerful. I could feel the tingles created by the vibration deeply into my pussy making me drip even more. After playing around and with my pussy lips for a bit I could feel gentle lips kissing my clit before a tongue focused on the area, making it nice and wet as we didn’t have lube. Of Kyla could just have put it into my throbbing pussy for some lubrication but that wouldn’t have been so fun right? She kissed and licked my pleasure pearl for a bit and then made Justin travel again upwards and I moaned, I moaned loudly as it hit my clit. Fuck what an amazing feeling, it’s like being pleasured from the inside of your pussy, like it’s reaching an itch that you can’t reach yourself, it’s incredibly satisfying, and the pleasure created through that is enough to make anyone lose their mind. She moved Justin around my clit playing with it knowing just where I wanted it and as I grew closer to orgasm my moans and gasps became louder.

“This feels so good, I think I’m going to cum soon,”

I said between helpless gasps Kyla leaned down burying her head between my legs, and started to lick up my juices before taking her finger into her mouth wetting it and before I knew what’s about to happen she pushed it inside me finding my g-spot with ease, massaging the sensitive area while she pared up her tongue with the vibrator. FUCK! This is the only way I can describe this. My back started to arch as I gave into the overload of pleasure moaning uncontrollably and my pussy tightened around her fingers as I felt a weird feeling. This wasn’t like the orgasms I have had before something was different, something was wrong.

“Hnn stop. Kyla no” I tried to warn her before I was caught up in a powerful orgasm, the last thing I feel is something coming out of me. A clear liquid is starting to cover Kyla’s face she tries to lick up everything. Then my body relaxes into the mattress, I am out of breath and try to make sense of what just happened, but I can’t I am to exhausted to think about anything right now. My mind is blank. Kyla reaches over to her bedside table and some wet wipes and wipes her face before leaning to me and kissing my lips what I happily return.

“Congrats on your first squirt-gasm”

She said chuckling and I can just smile back and mutter a “Thanks” before she gets out of bed and prepares a bath for the two of us. As soon as the water was filled up and nicely scented, she got me and helped me to the bathtub before changing the bedsheets and joining me. The rest of the evening was spent with us cuddling talking and then going to bed, we both agreed that I will spend another night at her place as I still have a lot to learn.

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