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Morning Wake Up Call (FF)

brunette caressing the legs of her leggy friend

Kelly is entirely too intoxicating like this and she's not even doing anything. She's just sleeping next to me. But she's so warm, a few her golden curls have escaped her ponytail and are tickling against my skin, and she smells faintly of lilacs and last night's sex, which is the most ungodly, alluring combo I can imagine.

It's not a stretch for me to guess that I'm wet and I want so badly to wake her and push her sweet little face down to my pussy. Kelly barely needs to be awake to eagerly eat me out, she's proven she's that eager in the past, but something stops me now.

Maybe it's the breathy little huff she makes, turning her face towards my neck, or the way the coverlet has

bunched up at her knees, leaving her pale thighs barely covered by her baggy, white tee-shirt. It would be mean to wake her now, when she's obviously so peaceful.

At least… it wouldn't be nice to shake Kelly awake.

girl with black hair licking the stomach of a girl in white shirt and black panties who is hovering over her

I reach out and touch her thigh just below where the shirt lays. She huffs again and moves away, letting her thighs fall open perfectly. I couldn't resist that even if I wanted to. I don't want to resist. I want to make her come.

I ease out from under her arm, letting Kelly settle again and her legs stay open. thank lesbian Jesus.

It's second nature to reach for her pussy then, propped up on the other elbow, and draw one finger up her slit. She's soaked, maybe more than I am. She must be having sweet dreams. I avoid her clit, knowing the frisson of shock when I touch it will likely wake her, instead I focus on dipping my finger inside and drawing more wetness from her, spreading her lips and letting it drip, all while Kelly sleeps peacefully on.

After a moment or two, I withdraw my finger, raising it to my mouth to taste her sweetness, before returning it with another. I press two fingers lazily into her pussy, reveling in the wet, searing heat of her body. She draws towards me, tilting her pelvis so my fingers slip in deeper. I bite your lip to keep from groaning.

pink lips and tongue kissing
"Jess, I --" she starts, bleary. Kelly reaches for my arm, following it down until realisation dawns that I'm responsible for the sensations she's feeling. "Oh. Oh!"

I chuckle at her wide, gorgeous eyes before they flutter shut again. She surges forward to kiss me. When she tastes a faint trace of herself on my tongue, she groans, high pitched and needy. I pump my fingers in and out of her while she spreads her legs wider and whines into my mouth.

"Baby," I murmur. "Baby girl, calm yourself. I'm gonna get you there, just relax."

She does with a sigh, going loose-limbed and pliant again, but with the most imploring look in her big blue eyes.

"I promise," I tell her, sliding one of her legs up over my shoulder as I lower my mouth to Kelly's perfect, pink pussy. "I've got you."

I lick into her with all the passion that's been rising in my blood since I woke up, and if she replies with anything other than a keening cry, I don't hear it.


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