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First Experience With a Sex Toy and My Best Friend is Helping Me. Part 1

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Like most humans out here and especially people that read this, I use sex toys, when I have alone time or together with my partner. There is such a wide variety that we sometimes forget how it all started, and with that, I don’t mean how it started in a historic event but with ourselves. That’s why I will talk about when I got my first sex toy.

I was a late bloomer, that was at least the opinion of my best friend. Yes, I was sexually interested and had a bit of sexual experience as in Norway the legal age is 16, but I was still very much a virgin and very much scared to do something else other than kissing and light petting. So, on my 18 birthday, my best friend got me something that would change my life. It was a small package wrapped in a colorful paper given in private, when I ripped open the colorful wrapping to see its hidden content my face turned red immediately. Inside was a small green bullet vibrator with silicone. A whole of 12 different settings to enjoy and have fun with and totally rechargeable. With that came a little letter saying -Have Fun With Justin-. So there he was, that little thing was about to change my life. I looked up at my BF in disbelief!

“Ahhh umm thank you”

I managed to stammer through my embarrassment, which made her chuckle “Thank you but you don’t know how to use it right?” she asked laughing as I nodded my face turning an even deeper shade of red.

“It’s okay, I will show you!”

She said, determined that Justin will be the best thing ever happened to me. After a bit of back and forth, I agreed that she would show me how to use that bullet vibrator and we moved to her bed, locking the door while I sat down on the soft mattress trying to figure out what was going to happen to me.

When my BF Kyla came back, she sat beside me and gently placed a hand on my cheek, her expression was soft and caring as she knew how nervous I was and wanted to make this the best experience ever for me. She gently leaned forward, and I closed my eyes. Not knowing what was about to happen, I felt her lips on mine, her soft plump lips tasting like the sweet white wine that we were drinking minutes before. How could I resist? I leaned into her touch gently kissing back and opened my mouth, my face was burning as I felt her tongue slide into my mouth and her piercing exploring the sweet spots of my mouth. Our tongues tangled up as I felt her hand slide under the blouse that I was wearing, and my heart skipped a beat. Pulling away from my mouth she looked me in the eyes. Probably a way of asking if I am okay and I totally was, so I nodded ever so slightly and was answered with a slight smile from Kyla. She quickly pulled my blouse over my head and pushed me down on the bed. Our lips meet each other again as she reaches her hand under me to unhook my pale pink bra. After a few seconds, my 38 B(US size) was freed, Kyla didn’t hesitate and started kissing down my neck and shoulder leaving marks along the way, especially on my erogenous zones like on the collarbone. She managed to get me to make a sound, an ever so soft moan. Let me tell you I had never been caressed like that. It felt amazing, gentle, kind almost loving but with a certain roughness to it as she sucked and bit my skin.

big breasts in a cream coloured bra with red nail polish

Soon she reached the first destination of that little journey, or should I say the first and second destination. My nipples, the pale colored small little bumps that look perfectly aesthetic to the rest of my chest. Her tongue piercing that first nipple, playing with the right one while the left one was being played with between her fingers. The vacuum she created while sucking on them, the pleasure that shoot through my body, and the constant erotic tension building up between us was pure heaven. My breath speeded up as she kissed, licked sucked, and bites my chest. My moans grew louder as she got rougher and switched to licking the left nipple. I could feel my panties sucking up the wet juices flowing out of me as I approached something unknown. A feeling that started deep inside of me, but I wasn’t ready to let it out just yet. Her right hand moved to unbuckle my pants and pushed them down slightly. I lifted my ass so that the black jeans fabric could slide off more easily and soon my pants were removed and I just lay there with my pale pink sting as she continued working my nipples, by that time I was a moaning mess and got further and further into the state of not being able to hold back that unknown feeling inside of me. That’s when I felt a hand move between my legs and ever so slightly started rubbing my clit through the wet fabric. That pushed me over the edge and my whole body started convulsing and pulsating with pleasure while I was a gasping moaning mess. My best friend had just managed to give me my first orgasm ever. As I started to come down from that new won high, she let go of me and smiled proudly and lay flat on the bed looking at her while I tried to catch my breath.

“That was amazing, I have never felt like this before”

I commented before she giggled “Believe me that was just the start!” came as an answer and I leaned up wanting to undress her to repay the favor, but Kyla just pushed me back onto my back got on top of me and whispered into my ear.

"No, my dear today it’s all about the birthday child.”


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