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Updated: Sep 19, 2023

he had been single for awhile now and the dating pool was shallow. She had no time for bullshit and drama but was also tired of being alone and lonely all the time. She didn’t need someone to take care of her needs but it was definitely more fun when someone else did. She was starting to wonder if a person could masturbate too often, it was a good thing she had a vast selection of toys to choose from to help her out.

Was it because she had no prospects that sex seemed to always be on her mind? She thought about it constantly, so much that it was almost taking over her life. Anytime she was anywhere alone she would find a way to take care of her needs.

One night she went out for dinner with friends and she found herself getting turned on by the waitress. She was exactly the type of girl she was attracted to, not too tall, curves in all the right places and perky round tits. Each time the waitress came to the table all she could think about was taking one of them in her mouth, suckling on her perk nipples. She could feel the wetness building and excused herself from the table and went to the bathroom. She found a quiet stall, leaned against the door, slowly slid her hand down the front of her pants and slid her fingers into her slick pussy. Careful to listen for anyone else coming in, she started to rub her clit and slide her fingers slowly in and out, pausing every once in awhile to take a taste from her fingers. She was just about to cum when someone walked through the door, she bit her lip to try and keep her moans hidden as she let go. She straightened herself out and walked out of the stall only to see the waitress standing at the sink washing her hands. The waitress looked at her with a sly smile and asked if she had worked up an appetite for dinner now or something else.

She made her way back to the table still thinking about what the waitress said. She definitely had an appetite for someone, which surprised her because she normally wouldn’t have this kind of reaction to a complete stranger. She tried to keep focused on the conversations with her friends throughout the rest of dinner but found her mind wandering back to the waitress. Wondering what her skin felt like, what she tasted like, how her tits would fit in her hands. She was suddenly brought back to reality when all of her friends called her name because the waitress was there taking dessert orders. She quickly scanned the menu and asked if they had anything sweet and creamy. The waitress told her that they didn’t but she could recommend a place she could get something later if she still had a craving.

They were all getting ready to go, so the waitress brought their bills. When she flipped hers over she saw an address and 10:00 pm written on it, she looked up and the waitress just gave her a wink. Should she actually show up, she didn’t even know what the address was for but if she was going to be there could she really pass up the chance.

She didn’t live far from the restaurant so went home to freshen up, change and hoped she wouldn’t lose her nerve to go to the address she was given. About an hour later she requested a cab, there was no turning back now.

The driver pulled up to a dimly lit door and she got out. What the fuck was she doing, most sane people would have never gotten out of that car. She slowly walked up to the door, shaky from her nervousness and opened it. Inside it was dark but also lit with multi-colour lights, looking around she felt overdressed, even though she felt like she wasn’t wearing much. Pensively she walked towards the girl standing at the desk. It wasn’t a long walk but she felt like she was moving in slow motion. When she finally reached her, she realized she was only wearing a very sexy bra and panty set with some thigh high stockings and was sexy as hell. The girl took one look at her, crooked her finger and said follow me.

She followed her through the darkness and couldn’t take her eyes off the people around her. They were engaged in various states of undress and engaging of many forms of sexual activity. They finally reached a small room at the back. It had a black leather sofa with velvet curtains and pillows everywhere . A bed in the corner and the waitress there in a black lace teddy waiting for her. The girl from the front desk, winked at her and said you’re a lucky girl, enjoy and walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

The waitress sauntered over to her, gave her the once over and said,

You don’t need to be nervous. I was just as interested in you at the restaurant as I thought you were in me. I assumed you would be more comfortable in a more public place than just showing up at my home to fuck because believe me I do intend to fuck you hopefully like you have never been before.

The waitress then pulled her in tight and kissed her hard, exploring with both her tongue and hands. Tracing every curve, grabbing hold of every part of her. Her grip on her was firm but somehow still soft, her senses were going crazy.

Before she could even react the waitresses hand slid up her skirt, discovering that she wasn’t wearing any panties and easily slid two fingers inside her already slick pussy. She fingered her soft and sensually, teasing her clit at the same time. She brought her to the edge time and time again until she finally allowed her that release she craved. Once she was done riding that wave she gradually slid her fingers out of her bringing them to her lips to suck the sweetness from them. The waitress couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to see her naked, she gently raised her arms above her head and pulled her shirt over her head, she thought she hadn’t been wearing a bra and was very pleased to see she wasn’t and how perk and ready her tits were. She then slid her skirt over her full hips and let it slid to the floor.

She stood there naked, staring at this woman hours earlier she had been fantasizing about and wanted nothing more than to devour every inch of her and for her to do the same. Gingerly she started to run her fingers over the waitresses body, sliding the straps of the teddy off her shoulders, over her breasts and down her body. She slowly moved her hands back up her taking her tits in them firmly and leaning down to suck and nibble on them. When she heard that first quiet moan slip through her lips, she knew she wanted more.

Unhurriedly they made their way to the bed in the corner, collapsing on it together. Limbs intertwined, hands and mouths exploring, the waitress was a little more dominant than her and she was loving it. Her first taste of her was while they were in 69 position and she was everything she had been promised both sweet and creamy.

They brought each other to orgasm over and over with both their fingers and mouths, in positions she had never even dreamt of trying. She didn’t know how much time had passed because it was almost like time had frozen when they were together. She did know that she wanted one last taste before she had to go. She made her way down to her dripping pussy and very delicately flicked her tongue over her clit, sliding her fingers in and out of her at varying paces seeing that sweet cream she wanted more of. She brought her over the edge over and over lapping up every last drop.

She made her way back up, lips still glistening with her juice. The waitress just smiled and said

I hope you enjoyed your dessert and that it was everything you had hoped for.

They laid there for a few moments and she asked if she would be able to see her again and hoped that she wouldn’t be that lonely girl any more.


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