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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

She had always thought she had a more dominant personality but was quickly coming to the realization she was anything but dominant when it came to sex. She was used to being dominated by men she was fucking because they generally felt the need to control a situation but this relationship was different. She was giving her body and the control to another woman.

Their relationship hadn’t started in a conventional way but she was discovering more about herself because of it. From that first night they met, where she showed up to an address having no idea where she was going or what was going to happen. They often went back to the club and she found that she revelled in the knowledge that others were watching them and getting off while they enjoyed exploring each other.

Tonight they were going there again but she knew something was going to be different.

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Nikolay Moroz//

She showed up in the Heart Rob - Black dress that had been delivered to her earlier that day. She was greeted at the desk and led to a room at the back of the club that she hadn’t been in before. Walking in she noticed that there were windows on 3 sides of the darkened room with couches outside them. Her girlfriend sauntered over to her wearing a Black Lace Sleeved Bodystocking and black stiletto boots, she felt a wave of heat run through her and could feel her pussy getting moist the closer she got to her and that’s when she noticed the Cat o’ Nine Tails Flogger in her hand. She leaned in to kiss her but wasn’t given the chance before she heard the words

I heard you have been naughty today and need to be punished

and a blindfold being slid over her eyes.

She was led over to one of the window walls, hands raised above her head, pushed up against the window she could feel the cuffs attached to the wall being strapped around her wrists. Her girlfriend behind her standing so close she could feel the warmth of her breath on her neck, teasing her with soft kisses and nibbles. Slowly she traced her fingers down her arm, neck and in between her breasts, slightly pausing to slide her dress aside to pinch and play with her taut nipples. She heard her take a step back and that’s when she felt it on her back, the sting of the flogger against her bare skin in the open back of the dress and she let out a soft moan. As others in the club heard the sound of the flogger hitting her skin and her moans, they started to fill the couches to watch. Her girlfriend continued to whip her at varying intensities on her back and ass, with each one she could feel the wetness increasing between her thighs. Not being able to see what was happening or about to happen her other senses were kicking into high gear. She would listen for every move her girlfriend made, every breath she took trying to figure out where she was and what could be next.

When she felt the wetness of her tongue, making its way up her leg, hands sliding her dress up giving full access to her pussy and ass. She felt her tongue flicking and teasing her clit, tracing the inside of her pussy to her ass. She thought she would make her way back to her pussy and was shocked when she felt her tongue slide into her asshole instead. Slowly she circled her tongue around the hole while caressing and squeezing her ass. She had never had her ass eaten before and the sensation was driving her wild. Her girlfriend kept tracing her tongue over her asshole, teasing and flicking, she could feel the orgasm building and felt like she would burst at any moment. Sensing that she was close to orgasm her girlfriend chose that moment to slowly lick her way up her body. With her body pressed up against her she set her free from the cuffs and grabbed her hand to lead her to the bed.

When they reached the bed, she could feel the dress being slid down her body and her body being guided down to the bed. She could feel her girlfriend’s body over hers and then felt first her hands and then her feet being bound to the bed by a bondage kit. She was completely at her girlfriend’s mercy, she couldn’t see what she was going to do next and had no way of stopping her from doing anything.

She lay there helpless, with her other senses heightened she listened for her movements, anticipating, waiting. Then she felt it soft and gentle running across her breasts and her mound, tickling her skin, making her skin tingle with excitement. This went on for a few minutes with the focus finally being on her now dripping pussy, tickling her clit with the tip of the feather. She begged her to touch her, give her the release she longed for but it wasn’t time yet. She could feel the feather trailing up one side of her body while her fingers and mouth pinched and nibbled on her nipples. Feeling that little bit of pain with the soft tickle nearly sent her over the edge. Those little pinches and nibbles were replaced by a set of nipple clamps with chains and gems hanging off them. She could feel the coolness of the gems on her skin and welcomed it with the heat that was radiating from her at that moment. Her girlfriend pulled at them while she made her way down to her juicy pussy. She easily slid her fingers in and out a few times and then rubbed the slickness across her helpless lovers lips and licked it off.

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The men and women watching them were all touching themselves or those sitting near them. She could hear their moans and it turned her on even more imagining what was happening outside of their room. Her thoughts were interrupted though by her girlfriend lowering herself onto her face, she could smell the sweet scent of her pussy that she craved so often now. She was pleased to discover how wet her girlfriend was from just teasing and taunting her. She flicked her tongue trying to find her sweet spot and knew the moment she did when her breath hitched and she tugged on the nipple clamps making her push her head up further into her pussy to taste more. It didn’t take her long and soon she felt her girlfriend’s body shaking above her and her juices flowing across her mouth and chin. After the shaking subsided she climbed off her face and whispered in her ear, it’s your turn baby and we won’t stop until you can’t take anymore. She didn’t know what to think when she heard the word “we” but she was soon going to find out.

The people that had been watching them were now lined up in the doorway to each have their turn with her. They weren’t allowed to speak to her, their only job was to bring her to climax over and over again by whatever means they chose. The first woman in line came over to her and started to eat her pussy quickly bringing on her first orgasm. She stepped aside and the next in line came up, slid his fingers into her, rubbing her clit and quickly brought her to orgasm again. They continued one after another for what seemed like hours, fucking her, eating her, fingering her. He was the last one in line, he was rock hard and ready. He slid his cock into her slowly at first and then fucked her harder than she had ever been before. When the orgasm ripped through her body she had no control and her body shook like it was an exorcism. He continued to fuck her hard and her juices were spraying over his body. Finally she felt him pulsing inside of her and her pussy gripped his cock draining him completely. She laid there breathless, body still shaking from the last orgasm and she felt the blindfold being slid off her eyes. She looked around the room at all of the people who had each had their turn with her. Her girlfriend was standing at the end of the bed, she had a lust in her eyes that she had never seen before and when she started to eat her there was no holding back. Her girlfriend ate her pussy like it was her last meal and when her body started shaking again with an orgasm ripping through her, she knew she was done. Her girlfriend lifted her head, licking her lips and proceeded to unbind her.

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Her girlfriend lay down next to her and wrapped her arms around knowing that was what she would need now as she had given herself fully to her and allowed her to take control of her body for her own pleasure and that of others.

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