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RV Sex - If the Trailer's Rockin'

We were camping at a buddy's parents house with our kids. I know, what a way to start a sexy story, but stay with me. The weather has been sticky hot all day. We barely got any sleep the night before, and it seemed like this night wasn't shaping up to be much better. My husband Ryan was just off from his 11th day of working and I had been to a concert the night before (thanks dad, I really needed the break), so it had been a late night.

camping in a trailer over night

There had been heat warnings all day, which eventually turned into a thunderstorm watch. I knew our camper could hold up to it though. Ryan was a jack of all trades and he made sure our camper was safe and strong. We finally got both kids to sleep, Matt our eldest stayed way up past his bedtime, Ruby our youngest was difficult when camping and a daddy's girl. Needless to say, the odds were stacked against us for getting sexy alone time. However, it seemed like the gods were parting the sky and divine intervention was stepping into the light.

Ryan showered in the rain and was looking as sexy as ever as I watched his strong shoulders and his rigid pectoral chest move through the window. The water moved over his body like it was making love to him. Dripping off him was the fresh rain water over his nipples making them stand at attention. His soap was doing a dance over his taut skin. Plus he came in with a raging boner and started poking me in the back with it. I was reading a romance novel so I was in the right mood to fuck. Ryan grabbed my hair and pushed my head over his large cock. My lips slowly took him deeper and deeper into my mouth. It never ceased to surprise me how hard and thick his cock would feel in between my wanting mouth. We had to be quiet because the kids were sleeping but that didn't bother me as I licked his large member from his balls up his shaft to the point where it got really sensitive. He pushed his cock further and further down my throat… swallowing it so much that it made me gag. I loved it. He groaned as I bobbed his head up and down on his thick member which made me groan right along with him. I grabbed his cock and brought it so close to exploding. Ryan then tossed me up onto the bed almost as if I weighed nothing and parted my legs open revealing my wet pussy. He loves it when I'm ready for him, and I definitely was ready for the pounding of my dreams. Ryan moved over me with a skill like I hadn't seen in a long time. His hips ground into me as I felt the bulge of his giant cock against my pussy and clit... making me want him even more. He parted my soft lips with his rough fingers and explored my wetness while grazing my button just enough to tease me into craving more. He kept teasing it just a little bit at a time until I was almost exploding with pleasure. I was practically begging him to just fuck me, when he finally relented and pushed his huge pulsating cock into my dripping sensitive pussy. He pushed it all the way to my cervix.

He started thrusting over and over making me want to silently scream biting the sheets as he moved in and out, rhythmically grazing over my g-spot. Until finally he took me almost to the point of orgasm, and with one final thrust I was exploding all of my juices all over him.

girl on her back having sex

I could feel his cock pulse with my orgasm... that he wasn't done with me yet. He whispered, do you really think I'm going to let cum only once tonight? I giggled quietly in response. I knew he wasn't done with me; he hadn't cum yet. He turned me over with one swift move of his arms and all of a sudden I was on all fours, panting like a dog in heat. As fast as he had flipped me over he was also thrusting into me... getting me worked up just as quickly as before. He pulled my hips so he was going deeper and deeper inside of me. He pulled me so hard and so furiously. The trailer was strong, but if anyone had been awake and watching... they would have known what was going on. (I'm actually surprised the kids didn't wake up). He was stretching me over his huge cock and I was living for it. I tightened over him, about to cum again when he said to me he was close and wanted me to cum with him. I grabbed the sheets so tightly, that I was convinced I had torn them. I could feel myself tighten around him and then we finally orgasmed together. He collapsed over me. Breathing so hard and giggling at the mess we had just made together.

We cleaned up ourselves, and fell asleep holding each other at least until our daughter woke us up screaming (insert eyeroll). At least we got it on once this weekend.


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