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Streamer Girl (FF)

I am a streamer girl. I stream every Saturday, something my girlfriend is aware of, and like every Saturday she was sitting under my desk where she had a little blanket and cozy pillow playing animal crossing. I was playing some rounds of an RPG game when I felt a hand massage on my legs, and I bit my lips; she would not do anything while I was streaming right? I was only wearing a skirt but still, my face was fully visible to 4000 people who didn’t even know I have a girlfriend nor that she was laying under my desk. ‘It’s fine, you are overreacting’ I thought to myself as she was rubbing my legs. I continued playing, reacting to comments that the chat sent in and thanked them for the donations, that’s when I felt a hand glide further up my leg and I needed to hide a gasp as she rubbed my knees and moved further up my tight. The knee-high sock on my leg was soon pushed down and my whole leg was kissed.

girl in dress on laptop sitting at white desk 80

‘Is she really just worshipping my leg while I can’t move or say anything?’

My face started flushing into a dark red tone and of course, the chat noticed that and started to question it.

“Ahh my dog is tickling my feet that’s all!”

I said trying to brush it off. While I also tried to ignore the fact that my girlfriend now was sucking on my toes, her hand traveling up and down my leg before she nestled between them and started kissing my tights. I have rather thick thighs which also means that they are sensitive to light butterfly touches like that. The kissing got more intense as I know for sure knew that she was leaving hickeys on my thighs, and I tried to close them. Just imagine the people in my chat would know what’s going on right now. Of course, I didn’t manage to close my legs in the slightest as my girlfriend had made herself comfortable between them and her whole body was stopping me from doing much. All I managed to do was keep a poker face and pretend like a hand wasn’t sliding up under my skirt just now. Sure, I could have worn panties, but I liked to tease my girlfriend and I am totally into humiliation and public kinks…but wasn’t this going a little bit too far?

Her hand soon found my pussy which at this point already was getting wet a slight glitter of juice showing that I was getting turned on although my face was still reacting to the game. Her finger started to circle around my clit making me shiver yet again before she started giving it gentle rubs, I got quiet there was no way I could talk right now, or else I would have moaned. She got closer and replaced her finger with her mouth licking, kissing, and sucking on my pleasure pearl while her finger started to explore my hole. Making sure it was wet by circling it around in my juices for a moment before she gently inserted it inside going straight into a come here motion massaging the spots that she knew I liked. I couldn’t help but gasp and yet again the chat started questioning while I just pushed it onto my imaginary dog again. Trying to interact more with the viewers now in the hope that I could focus on the game and ignore what the blond beauty was doing between my legs. But of course, she noticed and started to eat me out while adding another finger. My pussy juice was dripping at this point, fuck I was so wet and moreover, I was getting close to a strong orgasm. You could hear the wet sounds of her fingering me but I prayed that the microphone wouldn’t pick that up so that the chat would hear.

I learned more back in the chair and gave her full access to my lady parts, not being able to deny the pleasure anymore I embraced it while putting on an act in Infront of the camera. I talked while playing and joked around all while I was getting closer and closer to the edge. She had two fingers inside me by now and was moving them in and out in an amazing rhythm while I had to hide a gasp and small moan by covering my mouth and pretending to Jawn. Fuck she was messing around amazingly inside me. I glanced at my girlfriend who had pulled her lips away from my pussy and smiled up at me, her pretty smile soon turned into a wicked grin as she roughly pushed her fingers inside me making a squelching sound and I moaned. Needing a moment to calm down and process what she just did, she actually made me moan on stream, fuck so many people heard that.

“Ahh, sorry guys stubbed my toe, gosh today’s stream is messy haha”

I explained. As my girlfriend went at it again fingering my dripping pussy and leaning in sucking and licking up the juices.

I could feel her tongue lick my entrance between my lips right where her fingers were and then up to my clit sucking it and kissing it lightly before going back to lick it passionately, I could feel myself getting closer again, edging onto orgasm as I looked at myself in the camera in the stream. My face was blushing red my eyes clearly expressing something like pleasure as I breathed heavily into the camera, the game showing me the end of the round my team did win and I smiled “Amazing guys we won” I managed to say with an unmistakable moan before I felt a strong sucking on my clit and pressure on my g-spot


I moaned surprised and that’s when I came, my body shaking in orgasm as shivers ran down my spine and I tried to take a hold of myself. The chat started questioning me, but I just ended the stream quickly. I could explain things another time. I leaned down and lifted the chin of my girlfriend away from my pussy and made her face me before I kissed her lips tasting myself

“Now my kinky girl let me repay the favor!”

I said smirking before taking her hand and leading the way to the bedroom.


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