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The Quarterback (M/F)

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Going to college is a big deal. You’re continuing your education so you can have a better future. There’s lots of learning, studying, and testing. There’s also a lot of partying, flirting, and fucking. Especially when you’re the college team’s starting quarterback. Girls know you’re going to go pro and want a piece of you before you make it big. After a while though, you want a challenge. Someone who isn’t trying to jump your bones the minute you step off the field. Someone you have to work at getting in to the sack.

Lebedev Roman Olegovich/

That’s where Mrs. Smith comes in. A recently divorced, smoke show of a teacher. Always wearing short skirts and stockings like she’s dressed as a slutty schoolgirl for Halloween. You wouldn’t know it by the sweaters that always cover them up, but she’s got some knockers too. I’ve been working on her for a while. She’s strict, stern, and sexy. And she’s my next conquest.

It’s 20 after 9 when I roll into class. A little late, sure, but I had a hell of night with the boys. You know, frat house and all. Anyways, I sneak in and take my seat when I hear Mrs. Smith say with her back to the class.

Nice of you to join us, Johnathan.

“Wouldn’t miss it, Ms. Smith!” I reply. Purposely not calling her misses due to her recent separation. She did not like it and quickly corrects me that it’s Mrs. Smith, not miss. It gets me an hour of detention at the end of the day. I didn’t even know there was detention in college! As my day went on, all I could think of was slapping her ass with an old school ruler. One of those big suckers. Right on her cheeks, making her yip with pain.

4 o’clock rolls around and I make my way back to her classroom. I assume I serve my detention at the site of the crime. I approach the door and see her hunched over her desk grading papers. I notice her skirt is riding up a little high and she is occasionally tilting her head back. Almost like she’s feeling some sort of pleasure. I stay still and watch from the door window. Sure enough, she reaches down between her legs and pulls out a small vibrator. She raises it up to her mouth and starts sucking on it. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I’m lost in a gaze when she turns her head and sees me in the door. I freeze in fear, but she doesn’t quit sucking. Then she reinserts her toy and walks over to the door. Mrs. Smith grabs my hand, pulls me in, and shuts the door behind me. She tells me to sit in her chair while she climbs on top of her desk. With her legs now spread in front of me, she says I’ve been a bad boy, being late for class. But she likes bad boys.

Just dance/

I’m still speechless as I reach out to feel her perfectly shaved pussy. It’s wet and pulsating. She says that hole is occupied but I can use another and she turns around and sticks her ass in the air. I take off her skirt, leaving her naked from the waist down. I don’t bother with the sweater. Instead, I undo my belt and take off my pants. My dick is as hard as it’s ever been as it inches closer to her ass. She suggests I warm it up with my fingers and tongue first. I insert two fingers and slide them in and out. Next, I bring my face closer and begin to lick. She directs me to spit on it to lube it up next. After I do that, she gives me permission to enter her. I guide my stiff dick into her tight asshole. As it slowly goes in, she lets out a series of moans. I grab her hips as I start to amp up the speed of my strokes. Her asshole is gripping to my cock as I slide in and out of her. It feels amazing. Mrs. Smith tells me to pull her hair and slap her ass. I express my desire to grab a handful of teacher tits too as I help her take off her sweater. Although they aren’t right in front of me, I’m able to reach around and grab her double D’s. I can feel her hard nipples, so I pinch them. The desk rocks as I continue to fuck her. She can’t get enough of this 7 inch quarterback dick. She wants it harder and faster, encouraging me to keep going until I’m in the end zone. My balls slap into the back of her ass as she reaches down and starts rubbing her clit. Between that, the vibrator, and my dick inside of her, she starts to gush. Cum pours out of her pussy as she cries out in pleasure. I’m getting close myself, so I don’t stop. I grab her hips tighter and pound her ass as hard as I can. All of a sudden, I burst. I can feel the cum shoot up inside her. I fill her up so much that when I take my dick out, it’s accompanied by warm, sticky cum that spills onto her desk.

Mrs. Smith turns over onto her back. She takes out her toy and puts it in her mouth. “I taste so good. Maybe you’d like a taste one day.” She says. “I’ll see you in class tomorrow. Just make sure you’re 20 minutes late so I can send you to detention again, bad boy.”

Get fucked by the quarterback just like Mrs. Smith did!

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