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Away For Valentine's Day (MF) First Time With A Sex Machine

Charlotte and Ben had fallen into something of a routine.

As Charlotte worked in town she often got home from work a bit earlier than Ben. While she made dinner on the weekdays, the trade-off was that Ben was responsible for dinner on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Most evenings he would greet her in the kitchen before heading to the bedroom to get changed before dinner. 

At least, that was when Ben was actually home.

Ben’s work often sent him away for business trips, sometimes for weeks at a time. This year that included a week-long trip to Ottawa that overlapped with Valentine’s Day.

To make up for his absence, Ben had come up with a plan.

After so many business trips away, Charlotte had certainly picked up one or two discrete toys while Ben was away, but was a bit different than anything else she owned. 

It was a sex machine with a 5-and-a-half-inch dildo and Ben had picked this one out for a very specific reason. Even with an entire province between them, he could control the toy from his phone.

Hismith Sex machine with app control for dildos and remote control operation
Hismith Premium Sex Machine with APP/Remote/Wire 3 in 1 Control, Love Machine

On the evening of Valentine’s Day Charlotte lounged across their bed, while Ben did the same in a hotel room kilometers away. After a little bit of fiddling over the phone and only a moment or two, Ben had managed to connect to the toy via the app. It was a simple enough process really and after a quick test for connectivity, they were all set.

Alone in their room, Charlotte pulled off her pyjama bottoms, discarding them off to the side along with her panties. With a squeeze, she squirted out a dollop of water-based lube onto her hand before returning the bottle to the side table. Charlotte’s heart hammered in her chest as she applied the slick liquid over the smooth surface of the dildo.

With the phone on speaker, Charlotte took a steadying breath before finally getting on all fours. She lined the dildo up with her opening, taking a steadying breath.

“Ready?” Ben asked.

“Uh-” Charlotte hesitated for a moment before responding. “Yeah, I think so.”

Suddenly the toy began to move, thrusting slowly inside of Charlotte and she squeezed her thighs shut in surprise. The dildo glided seamlessly in and out of her until she finally fell forward onto her elbows. Charlotte gasped softly as she shuffled back, letting the dildo sink deeper. With each stead thrust, the soft silicone toy pressed into her G-spot sending ripples of pleasure through her body. Charlotte gripped at the sheets as her centre ached even on the lowest setting, gripping onto the toy as it moved. 

After a pause, Ben’s voice came through over the phone.

“Does that feel good?”

“Mhm,” Charlotte managed to mumble out.

“Oh, I think you’ll like this then,” Ben chuckled.

She could practically hear the smirk in his tone. Normally Charlotte would have had a response. A comeback even, but the toy began to speed up cutting off her thoughts. The dildo thumped inside her with more force than before and Charlotte moaned at the change in pace.

She could vaguely hear the clink of Ben’s belt buckle over the phone but she hardly noticed. Charlotte let her back arch as her chest rested on the bed, and in the process, she deepened the angle of each thrust inside her. She began to rock her hips back with each forward thrust of the sex machine as pressure built in her core. 

Charlotte’s hand slid between her stomach and the bed and finally towards her drenched pussy. Her fingers quickly found her sensitive clit, rubbing circles around the small bundle of nerves.

“Oh, fuck,” Charlotte moaned.

“That's it,” Ben encouraged, only this time his breathing sounded ragged.

Charlotte could faintly make out the sound of Ben stroking himself over the phone as her moans filled the room. Her thighs tensed and her back arched but the toy continued to fuck her.

“You’re close. Aren’t you?” Ben asked. 

Charlotte barely managed to moan out a response as her orgasm flooded through her body and she gushed around the toy. 

As the last waves of pleasure rippled through her, the toy finally fell still as Ben turned it off. Charlotte slumped forward onto the bed, letting the toy slide out of her. She quickly found the nearest pillow as her chest rose and fell rapidly and her thighs slick from her arousal.

“It’s so intense,” She admitted.

“Good” Ben breathed. “We’re not done yet.”


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