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Unveiling Love: A MM Romance with a Unique Twist featuring an Extraordinary Companion

We all have a crush; someone we like a lot more than the other 8 billion people on this planet. Most people would assume that my crush and special person would be my girlfriend. Here is the problem, she isn’t in fact, I a 24-year-old male am crushing hard on that cute guy whom I work with at my part-time job.

He is also the reason how I ended up in this situation. I am standing in my girlfriends and my shared bedroom, on the soft plush-like bed that she had made this morning was something someone might refer to as a pocket pussy…but it wasn’t exactly a pocket pussy, it had an opening sure, the hole being that cute little anus hole right between those juicy ass cheeks. Now you might wonder why I choose to buy something like this, well I work part-time as a lifeguard, so occasionally I have a shift with my crush who we for records will call James. So of course, after a done shift you do what everyone would do and go to the “Staff only” dressing rooms, I think you can already see where this is going. I ended up sharing a dressing room with James and saw everything of that gorgeous male body, his slim torso, his pale smooth skin, his soft waist moving over into those two juicy cheeks that practically seemed to invite me, and as he turned, I saw the most beautiful dick that I have ever seen. I started my shift that day thinking I was straight just not liking sex…or girls in general and ended my day wanting to jerk off to that beautiful human being. That then again led me to the internet where I out of curiosity searched for gay sex, something I had never done before. I indeed did like what I saw, a sex doll that looked just like my crush's ass!

So here I am biting my lips as I move forward and gently slide my hands across the smooth and PureSkin®. It feels so real I can practically imagine how James would feel. So, I do what everyone would do. I close my eyes and let my imagination take over.

I can feel his skin under my fingertips, slight shivers running down his spine as my fingers ghost over his waist, slightly tickling but not enough to draw laughter, instead giving those pleasurable tingles you only get to know when someone else touches you. My hands continue their journey down over his hipbones and across his soft cheek as I give them a gentle yet firm squeeze, feeling the bouncy tissue bend under my grip, almost as if his body is made to obey me. I have to take a deep breath to not get ahead of myself, after all, I want to enjoy this moment with my crush as much as possible. I lean over to the night table and grab the water-based lube, applying a generous amount onto my middle and index before I lean back to the beautiful booty in front of me using my free hand to spread the squishy cheeks apart and gently apply the lube just to the opening right now, making my fingers go in circles around the entrance that soon would belong to me. I am getting lost in the beauty and power of imagination again and in my head, I can hear the muffled moans that are coming from the boy, muffled because of the embarrassment to have a practical stranger play with his ass so he would push his face into the neatly organized pillows.

two males naked holding hands Tkachev

I take my sweet time before pushing a gentle finger inside the male's opening, I can feel the tightness around my finger making it even harder for me not to lose control right there and rough him up, but I promised to be gentle. So, I slowly move my finger in and out of the tight hole making sure to move it a little up and down every now and then. After feeling the tight opening having loosened some, I push another finger inside scissoring the cute guy while hearing his moans, making sure to find the prostate I can hear him gasp and beg for more.

“Not yet I want to make sure you are all nice and prepared for me” I say in a husky voice my pants already building a large tent to the point where it’s almost painful, but I just can’t lose my control with this cutie as I don’t want to ruin my chances.

I add another finger and speed up slightly while my free hand moves to rub those amazingly smooth ass cheeks and even give them a gentle slap, which made a satisfying clapping sound. Tracing my fingers over the hips and down to the others ass that I in the locker room just got a glimpse of but here I can feel and see it all as much as I want. I trace my hand along the muscular curve while my other fingers still finger on the male's prostate. In my head the moans grow louder and more desperate, I can almost feel him throb and then I can almost see him cum into the bedsheets that my girlfriend oh so neatly placed on the bed just a few hours prior.

My own member was a mess by now, as I withdrew my fingers and pulled off my own pants I could see that I had been dripping to the point where I left marks in my boxers. Pushing the fabric over my waist I didn’t pay that matter any more attention for now as I grabbed the lube once more and generously covered my member.

“I hope you are ready for me angel,”

I say and smile at the nickname, James indeed looked like an angel both at work and all nude and screaming with lust in my imagination.

Lining my member up with the entrance I needed to take a deep breath sinking deeper into the fantasy of me penetrating that beautiful boy that didn’t even know that I was having this type of fantasy right now, I can see his face so realistic in my head the pink parted lips, the brown eyes half closed and slightly teary as it probably was his first time taking someone in the ass, his hands holding onto the white sheets and his baby pink nipples standing high and horny into the room. Then I trust inside him feeling his tight hole stretch around my above-average member. A moan leaving my throat at the sensation. Is this how a guy feels? I must admit it feels so much better than my girlfriend, the tightness, the grip, and the slight motion are driving me insane I surely won’t be able to hold it in for long. I trust my hips in a slow motion holding onto the males’ hips to study myself and trust deeper, reaching as far as I can go. Making sure to hit the prostate so that my little angel will be able to feel just as much pleasure while he moans into my ear begging me to go harder which I gladly do, my breath speeding up as I can feel the little rigs and bumps massaging the length of my dick. I tighten my grip on his waist to the point where I am sure that there will be marks, I don’t care, this is amazing I am losing all sanity, and my mind goes blank as reach the deepest insides thrusting and feeling his skin slapping against mine.

I moan loudly as my member starts twitching and a shaky hand moves to massage the shaft of the Angel in shaky rhythmical motions I encourage him to cum, I hear him, I see him and then he cums on himself, long juicy white streaks lining his stomach and chest while I give his waist a gentle squeeze and he tightens up around me making my own member throb and release inside of him with a groan.

I open my eyes and the room is spinning I need a minute to pull myself together and try to remember when the last time was that I had such a strong orgasm. My eyes wander to the toy beneath me as I pull out slowly and soon see my juices dripping out. A smile lingered on my lips as a thought formed in my head.

“I will enjoy this toy every day from now until I win over the real deal”

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